Entrepreneur Benefits

Large Capital Source 

BlueTree Allied Angels is a group of investors possessing financial means and investment/business experience. Each member brings the ability and willingness to invest in promising early-stage companies. By bringing these top regional investors together, you save time by presenting to one group to raise capital rather than attempting to locate and present to multiple individual angel investors.

Broad Pool of Knowledge and Contacts

We strive to be more than just a source of capital to our portfolio companies.   BlueTree’s members have extensive investment and operational business experience spanning a large number of industries.   As a result, our membership stands as an excellent resource for coaching and mentoring.  Furthermore, our broad network of contacts can help you gain access to key decision-makers and suppliers, customers, or partners to help accelerate the growth of your company. 

Efficient Processes and Structure

BlueTree utilizes proven, efficient procedures to streamline the process of raising capital which helps to protect your valuable time.  Please click here to learn more about our process.  Furthermore, we form a single-purpose limited partnership for each investment which helps to simplify your capitalization table and provide a single point of contact, allowing us to respond swiftly.

Capital Connections 

BlueTree is constantly expanding its network of investors, investor institutions, and corporate enterprises.  By co-investing with other early-stage venture capital funds and angel groups, BlueTree can help you raise sufficient capital to fill larger Seed and Series A funding rounds.  Furthermore, as your business grows and reaches critical milestones and you require larger venture capital investments, BlueTree can be a source of introductions to VC’s, corporate investors and strategic partners.