PECA Labs' exGraft Helps Save Lives -- Case Report

Friday, October 12

PECA Labs' exGraft Helps Save Lives -- Case Report

To PECA Labs Investors, Advisors, and Supporters:

Just a few weeks ago, an infant boy’s life was saved by a surgeon using the PECA Labs exGraft. Between the mundanity of regulatory compliance and supply-chain management, it could be easy to lose sight of the ultimate impact of our work. It is stories like this that serve to remind us that PECA Labs is more than a company – we are a source of life-saving innovation for children who need it most.

Case Report:

The infant presented with one of the most difficult congenital defects to treat – a large hole between the main chambers of the heart and the baby had no functional connection between his heart and lungs.  His blood was getting just enough oxygen to survive through a series of small vessels going from the aorta to the lungs.

In a procedure that lasted more than 10 hours, the surgeon combined the small aortic-lung vessels into a single pulmonary artery going to each lung, creating the critical connection between the heart and the new pulmonary arteries using the PECA Labs exGraft. Two weeks later the child, with all his blood supply now flowing through our conduit thousands of times every day, has a new lease on life. The improved anatomy translates directly into improved development, both physically and mentally.

As the child develops, the exGraft’s unique radiopaque markings provide new options for visualization to monitor growth and development. The material properties and unwrapped design will continue to provide flexibility as the treatment plan evolves.

For us at PECA Labs, this is the true reward after years of development. New inventions may be exciting, and achieving FDA and CE Mark clearance for an implantable cardiovascular device undeniably grants the pride of achieving a milestone few start-ups ever achieve. Yet to see that work translate directly into the life of child, and knowing that he is but one of the many lives that will be saved or improved as we continue, defies words.

This achievement, like the many before it and still to come, would not be possible without the unwavering backing of our investors, advisors, and supporters. This accomplishment, and the pride that comes with being a part of something that truly makes a difference in the most visceral sense, belongs to all of us.

We here at PECA Labs have never been more excited to continue the journey, and look forward to sharing in the many more stories it will create.

As always, we at PECA Labs are grateful for your support and interest and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in the near future.

All the best,

Doug Bernstein 
PECALabs Chief Executive Officer