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4moms takes advantage of the declining costs of electronic and robotic components to develop innovative, cost-effective childcare products that make routine parenting tasks easier and improve child safety. 4moms’ products have been featured on television shows including The Today Show, The Doctors and have been shown in publications including People Magazine, and Tech Crunch. 4Moms
ALung Technologies, Inc.
ALung Technologies developed the world’s first commercial artificial lung device—the HemoLung RAS.  By delivering oxygen to the blood and removing carbon dioxide, the HemoLung provides safer and less expensive respiratory support than mechanical ventilation, the current standard of care. ALung Technologies, Inc.
Angler Labs Inc.
Angler Labs has developed tracking technologies designed for seamless integration with today's sport fisherman- A hobby 3x the size of golf in the United States. Angler Labs Inc.
Aurochs Brewing Co.
Aurochs is a Pittsburgh craft brewing company that is changing the way the world experiences gluten-free beer by providing gluten-free beer that can compete with mainstream craft beers. Aurochs Brewing Co.
Austin Cocktails
Austin Cocktails provides cocktails that are better tasting, made from better ingredients, that are better for you. Austin Cocktails prepares a line of drinks using five-times distilled vodka and premium tequila both made in a continuous column still. The cocktails are mixed with all-natural herbs like mint and basil, fresh fruit juices and a splash of organic agave nectar to create craft cocktails with a crisp finish that is full bodied, well balanced and naturally low-calorie. Austin Cocktails
Baebies, Inc.
Baebies saves lives and makes lives better for millions of children by bringing new technologies, new tests and new hope to parents and healthcare professionals worldwide.  The extra "e" in Baebies is for "everyone".  Baebies believes everyone deserves a healthy start! Baebies, Inc.
Bergen Medical Products Corporation
Bergen Medical Products is an innovative medical device company with patented products that improve surgical procedures, reduce infections, and improve clinical outcomes. These products are designed to be effective and meet the economic value hospitals demand. Bergen Medical Products Corporation
Bioptigen, Inc. (Acquired by Leica Microsystems)

Bioptigen is a leader in high resolution imaging for research and clinical ophthalmology. Bioptigen pioneered handheld optical coherence tomography and holds the only specific FDA clearance for OCT imaging of pediatric patients and imaging in the OR. 

Bioptigen, Inc. (Acquired by Leica Microsystems)
BIOSAFE (Acquired by Gelest Biosystems, Inc.)
BIOSAFE developed an Innovative anti-microbial polymer to protect surfaces from mold, mildew, fungus and viruses that has applications in textiles, water filters, construction, medical devices and more.  BIOSAFE offers a powder and liquid for industrial applications and also a consumer spray to protect surfaces and fabrics. BIOSAFE (Acquired by Gelest Biosystems, Inc.)
BoardBookit, Inc.
BoardBookit is a board management software solution that empowers boards of directors with information anyplace, anytime via mobile technology while also streamlining the time intensive process of preparing and distributing board materials.  BoardBookit customers are up and running in minutes instead of weeks for as much as 50-75% less than comparable board portals while providing the same or better functionality. BoardBookit, Inc.

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